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Pain Management In Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi India

At Max, Integrated Pain Management Services offer comprehensive care for all Chronic Pain problems. Our experts including Pain Consultants, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational therapists, Ayurveda and Wellness specialists and Dieticians work together as a team to maximise your health gains. We provide non-surgical alternatives using multidisciplinary approach and coordinated care that is bespoke and customized to suit the individual needs.

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    We routinely treat patients with chronic pain conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, neck and cervical pain, joint pain including hip, knee and shoulder joints, common musculoskeletal problems like tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, trochanteric bursitis etc, neuropathic pain including diabetic neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia, persisting post surgical pain, headaches, cancer pain, abdominal and pelvic pain and many other chronic pain conditions.

    The range of services offered includes detailed comprehensive pain assessments with in-clinic diagnostic ultrasound scans, combined multidisciplinary assessments with physiotherapy and psychology specialists. Interventions offered include ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided injections, intravenous infusions, radiofrequency treatment, closely supervised physiotherapy and rehabilitation, psychology input including Cognitive behavioural therapy, complementary therapies including acupuncture and meditation. We offer personalised pain management plans on lines of Pain Management Programme.

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    Our experienced team will give you help,advice and support in implementing life style modifications to help sustain the benefits. We work with you not only to reduce the pain but also the impact of pain on your life. Our aim is to tailor the therapies to your requirements and improve your quality of life.


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      • Visa assistance, Providing Visa Invitation Letter (VIL)
      • Providing full guidance how to get Visa from your country
      • Providing total cost including treatment, air tickets, accommodation, and food
      • Assitance to book flight ticket from your country
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      • Providing professional language interpreter
      • Booking accommodation and guest house as per your budget/ prefrence
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