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Anaesthesiology In MIOT International Chennai

The Department of Anaesthesiology at MIOT International plays a pivotal role in ensuring our patient’s safety and well-being. It provides comprehensive anaesthesia care, which includes pre-operative, peri-operative, post-operative, critical care and pain relief services.

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    State-of-the-art facilities for pain management

    Following internationally recognised protocols and guidelines, our anaesthesiology department is equipped and managed on par with the best international healthcare institutions. It functions from a suite of cutting-edge modular, laminar-flow operating theatres, fitted with ceiling mounted microprocessors, controlled anaesthesia workstations, multi-parameter monitors and volumetric infusion devices. These are employed by highly-skilled anaesthesiologists, trained in the latest techniques, whose watchful eye and quick intervention can prevent complications such as excessive bleeding or clotting, organ damage and more. Further to surgery, the Department’s support teams offer round-the-clock assistance in the intensive care units and post-operative wards.

    Services across specialities

    Offering, as it does, services across specialities, the Department’s extensive experience in orthopaedic, liver, bariatric, maxillofacial, paediatric, tumescent liposuction surgeries, acute trauma and polytrauma is a major source of confidence for surgeons in these critical areas.

    Our Department of Anaesthesiology also takes up preoperative and postoperative pain management, tailored to suit specific population groups such as elderly, paediatric or obese patients, as well as those with obstructive sleep apnea. Patient-controlled analgesia with an individualised mix of analgesic drugs allow for a pain-free, postoperative period for arthroplasty patients who can walk, without pain a few hours after surgery.

    Other services include ambulatory anaesthesia and anaesthesia care outside the operating suite – during CT scans, sedation for MRI, during cardiac catheterisation and labour analgesia.

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