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Balloon Valvotomy Treatment in India

Embarking on cutting-edge cardiac care, Balloon Valvotomy offers a minimally invasive solution for Mitral Valve Stenosis. Utilizing a thin catheter inserted through the groin or arm artery, the procedure employs a balloon device at its tip. Swift inflation of the balloon strategically separates and stretches the narrowed or fused mitral valve leaflets, enlarging the valve opening and enhancing blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. This innovative intervention holds promise in revitalizing cardiac function, providing a less invasive alternative for individuals facing Mitral Valve Stenosis challenges. For personalized consultations and inquiries about this transformative procedure, schedule an appointment with our experienced cardiology team, prioritizing your heart health.

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    Dr. Viveka Kumar

    Dr. Viveka Kumar

    Specialist:        Cardiac Sciences
    Experience:     29+years of experience
    Hospital:          Max Hospital Saket Delhi

    Professional Highlights:

    • Specializes in complex angioplasties, including multivessel, bifurcation, and left main angioplasties.
    • Completed more than 7500 angioplasties and 2500 balloon valvotomy with excellent outcomes.
    • Expertise in Structural Heart Disease procedures, including TAVI, TMVR, and LAA Occlusion. Read More

    Max Hospital Saket

    Max Hospital Saket

    Number of beds:   500
    ICU Beds:                 267
    Airport Distance: 13 KM

    About Hospital:

    • Max Super Speciality Hospital at Saket is one of the topmost healthcare service
    • Providers in India. The multi-super speciality hospital has a capacity of over 500 beds, 250 functional beds. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies.
    • With the help of over 300 leading specialist Doctors, strong nursing staff, and state-of-the-art innovative medical tools. Read More

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